Care Homes

Registration Process for Residents in a Care Home

Worthing Medical Group have a dedicated care home registration form. Please, ensure all fields are completed before submitting to the Surgery. Any forms that are incomplete cannot be processed and therefore, will result in a delay in patients being registered.

New Patient Registration For Care Home Resident

For temporary patients please complete the form below, stating whether the patient will be short stay – up to 15 days, or long stay – up to 3 months

Temporary Patient Registration


Care Home Information

Worthing Medical Group have a dedicated and tailor made service for registered patients in a Care Home setting to ensure we provide safe and efficient care.

To enable us to achieve this we have appointed a Frailty GP five days a week who manages both home visits if necessary and telephone consultations. We have also introduced a Nurse Practitioner based contact service. Each Nurse Practitioner is appointed as the responsible clinician to a number of Care Homes who they contact weekly. 

To support our clinical team we have a dedicated administrator who will undertake all admin duties to ensure our service runs smoothly. Care Home Managers can make direct contact with the Care Home Care Co-ordinator via our secure online form

Guidance for managing seasonal influenza, identifying pathogens and transmission routes for acute respiratory disease in care homes can be found on the government website


Applying for an NHSmail Account

It is now easy for care homes to get secure NHSmail accounts. Getting an NHSmail account will have great benefits because you can:

  • Send and receive patient confidential information by email
  • Use Microsoft Teams for video consultations and meetings
  • Benefit from mutual support/chat/information channels within Microsoft Teams
  • Use your NHSmail account to act as a proxy for direct access to ordering repeat medicines/viewing test results etc (EMISWeb)

Apply via the NHS website



We have a dedicated prescribing service designed for patients residing within a Care Home to allow for ease of access and safety. You can order medication with this online request form, or you can:

  • Telephone – 01903 234 844, press option 3 (for Care Home use only)
  • Use Emis Access

Please ensure all written medication requests are clear to avoid delay in the process.


New Updated Sussex Wound Care Formulary

Forms are available on the Sussex Partner Formulary website

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