Physician's Associates

Here at Worthing Medical Group, we are proud to have a team of five dedicated Physicians Associates (PAs). Physician Associates are essential healthcare professionals who function as integral members of a multidisciplinary team, working under the supervision of a qualified senior doctor—either a General Medical Council (GMC)-registered consultant or a General Practitioner (GP). Despite not being medical doctors themselves, PAs possess the capability to assess, diagnose, and treat patients across various healthcare settings, including primary, secondary, and community care, all within the bounds of their defined scope of practice. 

Meet Our Physicians Associates:

Leor Hermon Leor Hermon Physician Associate Sarah Birch Sarah Birch Physician Associate Leo Song Leo Song Physician Associate Juliette Garnier Juliette Garnier Physician Associate Evie Rossiter Evie Rossiter Physician Associate
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