Repeat Dispensing

If you have been added to repeat dispensing, you do not need to order your prescriptions until your pharmacist advises that you need to. You will need to collect your first electronic repeat prescription from your pharmacy, unless you have an arrangement to get your medicines delivered.

When you need more medicines, go back to your pharmacy. Before dispensing the next issue of your prescription your pharmacy will ask:

  • have you seen any health professionals (GP, nurse or hospital doctor), since your last repeat prescription was supplied?
  • have you recently started taking any new medicines – either on prescription or that you have bought over the counter?
  • have you been having any problems with your medication or experiencing any side effects?
  • are there any items on your repeat prescription that you don’t need this month?

If you don’t need all of the medicines on your prescription, let the pharmacy staff know. This will help to reduce waste and save the NHS money.

When your pharmacy supplies your final electronic repeat prescription in the series that your GP has authorised, they will advise you to contact your GP practice. Your doctor or practice nurse may want to see you to review your medication before they will authorise more electronic repeat prescriptions.

If you have any questions regarding this please ask you chemist who will be happy to help.

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